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Deoxidation - Water Damage

Important: If your smartphone has fallen into the water, do not turn your phone back on! It could cause further damage. You can always dry it in rice, but this trick, which is easily found on the internet, is actually very ineffective.

Since water is not responsible for oxidation, it is the minerals it contains which, in contact with oxygen, will produce a chemical reaction with the metal and create metal oxide (in other words: rust).

The best way to maximize the success of deoxidation is to keep your phone in water until you can deoxidize it so that there is as little oxygen as possible in contact with your phone.

Rain, condensation, swimming pool, WC,... if your smartphone has taken on water, do not attempt to switch it on, charge it or operate it. You may short-circuit the motherboard, the main part of your device.

We will surely still be able to repair your motherboard, but it is in your best interest to put all the chances on your side and thus minimize the cost of the repair.




Turn it off if you can, or leave it on standby if you cannot turn it off.

If you can, disconnect or remove the battery to prevent electrolytic oxidation.

If your phone has been dropped in seawater, rinse it with clear water or (better if you have) demineralised water. The salt contained in the water considerably accelerates the oxidation effect.

Take out your SIM card.

Wipe it off, let it dry. Be careful not to use a hot-air hair dryer, the heat could damage your appliance.


Drop by as soon as possible to improve the chances of repair. Your smartphone will be removed and the motherboard will be deoxidized. Then we'll reassemble it and test all its functions. The majority of appliances that have been in contact with (fresh) water are repairable.




We charge 30 EUR to deoxidize a smartphone and from 60 EUR to deoxidize a computer.


Our deoxidation package includes:

  • Complete dismantling of the device

  • Deoxidation of each part with a special cleaner in an ultrasonic tank that removes all calcareous and mineral matter. (Our process allows the cleaning of electronic components that cannot be accessed manually).

  • Reassembly by us

  • The tests


In most cases, the operation is enough to bring your device back to life.


Should we find that parts such as the battery or the display are damaged and unrecoverable, we will provide you with an accurate quotation before proceeding with the charges.

The fixed price already paid would then be deducted from the costs (related to the replacement of parts) to be made on the device.

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