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Xiaomi Repair

Fast and without appointment Xiaomi Repairs in Brussels!

Screen, battery,... replacements in 1 hour

Your Xiaomi smartphone doesn't work anymore ? Is the screen of your Xiaomi phone broken ? Don't panic, The Repair Club is here to take your phone and get it back in working order. Our technicians are specialists who can take care of the Xiaomi repair in Brussels, regardless of the model or the issue.

All our repairs are carried out on site and without an appointment in less than 30 minutes; depending on the gravity of the issue, we may have to keep the device longer but we will always do so as quickly as possible.

Do not hesitate to call us to make sure that the part you need for your repair is available.

Réparation Xiaomi

We know how important your Xiaomi is to you, that's why we've set up all these services to make repairing your Xiaomi faster and easier.


For any other repair, contact us

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