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iPhone Repair

Fast iPhone repair in Brussels!

Expert in iPhone repair in Brussels, we offer you to repair your iPhone with the utmost care. We offer a 1 year warranty on all our interventions.

Replacement broken screen, broken glass, button, battery, charging connector, speaker, microphone, ...

Located in Brussels, we are also among the only ones to perform micro-soldering for more complex repairs.

We have all the necessary spare parts to repair your iPhone. We therefore provide a repair in Brussels the same day without an appointment and in less than 30 minutes in more than 90% of the cases.

We use the best spare parts available which we guarantee for one year, copies of dubious quality: not from us!

The Repair Club is an expert in repairing the entire Apple product line.

We offer an Apple maintenance service to repair or replace the faulty part for all Apple models (MacBook keyboard, motherboard repair, hard disk repair, mac screen, iPhone repair, iPad repair, ...) and if you do not know where the failure comes from, we offer a free estimate and diagnosis.

Because your Mac goes with you everywhere and all the time and becomes less powerful over time, it's important to keep it in good condition.

Our complete computer repair service is there to make it faster and give it a second youth. If you can no longer access your files or photos on your Mac's hard drive, the Repair Club also offers a Mac data recovery service.

Your trusty iphone fell in the water? Did you spill your coffee cup on your Macbook Pro? Don't panic, we will restore your idevices to their original state (see our deoxidation service).

Repair your Apple products at Repair Club

  • We have known the Apple computer range for more than 6 years.

  • We have evolved and developed our expertise in Mac repair by working on all Apple models.

  • We offer quality Apple maintenance services at an affordable price and with fast turnaround times.

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