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Microsoldering - Motherboard repair


You think your device is out of order? A repair or after-sales service department has decreed that the motherboard needs to be replaced and that replacing the motherboard would cost the price of a new device?


Whether it's your MacBook, iPhone, Smartphone, tablet, computer, etc., we have THE SOLUTION!


We are specialized in microelectronics and our job does not stop with the replacement of batteries, display units, ...

Our team specialized in micro-soldering is able to replace various components such as resistors, filters, connectors, ICs, memories, chipsets ... as well as to interpret electronic schematics in order to diagnose a failure.


This acute knowledge of electronics combined with extensive technical experience has allowed us to be among the first to fill and repair manufacturing defects such as touch chipset on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, microphone problems on Iphone 7 and iphone 7 Plus or power problems on many other iPhones.

Error 4013, Error 4014, Error 9, Wifi greyed out, memory defective, no display, no touch, sound problems, no longer turn on, oxidation. No problem, we fix everything.


Are you still doubting our skill ?


We are still somewhat unknown to the general public, but our reputation is well established in the closed circle of repairers. Many professionals trust us and outsource the most complex cases to us.


Challenge us!


By coming to the Repair Club, you will most likely give your appliances a second life. Our quotes are free of charge and no costs will be incurred without your agreement.


To give you an idea, an iPhone motherboard repair costs on average €90 to €180 incl. VAT and a Macbook motherboard repair costs €250 to €450 incl. VAT.



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