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iMac 27''Fat Repair

iMac A1312 I  Mid 2010 -Mid 2011

Fast and without appointment iMac Repair in Brussels !

Our interventions are carried out quickly in our workshops by technicians specialized in the repair of iMac. An iMac has a really unique conception that requires skilled and experienced technicians. We have fixed hundreds iMac, we know these beautiful devices by heart and we love them. Your iMac deserve a special care and that's what we provide.

We guarantee our repairs parts and labour. At the Repair Club, we will diagnose the issue on your iMac and give you a free and accurate repair estimate before we intervene.


Want to get it fixed and avoid buying a new Apple computer ? Our service offers a fast and efficient solution for most repairs. All our repairs are carried out on the spot and without appointment.




désoxydation_ imac_27.png


60 €

Remplacment_SSD_250GB_ imac_27.png

SSD 250 (Evo 860)

240 €


SSD 1 tb (Evo 860)

360 €

Autres_probleme_ imac_27.png


On request

remplacement_ecran_ imac_27.png

Glass / LCD

100 € / 350 €

récuperation_de_donnees_ imac_27.png

Data recovery

80 € - 150 €

Remplacment_SSD_500GB_ imac_27.png

SSD 500 (Evo 860)

300 €

Réparation_catre_mere_ imac_27.png


300 €

For any other repair, contact us

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