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Huawei Repair

Fast Huawei smartphone and tablet repair.

Screen replacement, battery,...No Appointment in Brussels !


Your Huawei smartphone doesn't work anymore ? Is the screen of your Huawei phone broken ? Don't panic, The Repair Club is here to take your phone or tablet and get it back in working order. Our technicians are specialists who can take care of the Huawei repair in Brussels, regardless of the model or the issue.

All our repairs are done on site and without an appointment in less than 1 hour in most cases. The operation may take a little longer if it's a really really serious issue, but we will always do as fast as possible.

Réparation Huawei

We know how important your Huawei is to you, that's why we've set up all these services to make repairing your Huawei faster and easier.

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