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iPhone 5C Repair

Fast and without appointment iPhone 5C Repairs in Brussels!

Screen, battery,... replacements in 30 minutes

Our technicians are specialized in iPhone 5C repair, they will diagnose your iPhone 5C and offer you a free estimate for the repair of your iPhone as soon as possible. Thanks to our experience, we will be able to repair your iPhone at the best price as soon as possible.

All our repairs are done on site and without an appointment in less than 30 minutes in most cases. The operation may take a little longer if it's a really really serious issue, but we will always do as fast as possible.

We always have all the parts for that model in stock, but you can always contact us to make sure !


Display Unit

50 €

réparation_Son_iphone 5c.png

Charging Connector

40 €



40 €

réparation_Son_iphone 5c.png


30 €

réparation_Son_iphone 5c.png


On request

For any other repair, contact us

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